EVEREST-ligature clips

Best application security
thanks to color-coded assignment.

We offer single clip solutions for open and endoscopic surgery – and guarantee the highest possible stability and secure clip hold. In addition, we can assure you that we can provide the desired applicators in various lengths and angles for our ligature clips.

EVEREST® ligature clips

The sterile EVEREST® ligature clips in all sizes – for your medical technology applications. These excellent ligature clips made of stable pure titanium (medical grade) and/or polymer plastic are available in the colors red, green, blue and orange. The adhesive strip on the underside of the clip magazine enables a secure hold on any surface – so you can pick up the clips safely. The clips sit exactly in the middle and exactly right – so that you can remove the clips precisely, effortlessly and with one hand.

EVEREST® applicators (applicators)

Our applying forceps are particularly valued, because the optimally designed jaws guarantee that the clips can be gripped properly. Our system pliers are also color-coded and available in red, green, blue and orange. So the clips fit and you have your tools together faster. You will see that our applying forceps enable you to perform particularly precise surgery and safely treat your patients.

Application pliers

Our color-coded application pliers are diamond-coated – this ensures maximum hold of the clip and application pliers. The clip can neither slip nor fall out. The color coding of the clip magazine always corresponds to the color coding of the corresponding pliers. For the different clip sizes small, medium, medium-large and large, we offer you a variety of different applicators to choose from.

  • Red – small
  • Blue – medium
  • Green – medium large
  • Orange – large