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We take the time to provide you with valuable information about our products. We advise you in advance, on the phone, on site, during and after the product delivery – and we make sure that you receive a holistic solution from us from a single source. Find out more in our download center and be happy to secure the information you need.

Exchange & replacement

We also take over the exchange and replacement of endoscopes for you. For our endoscopes, light sources and individual other products, we take care of the immediate exchange and replacement – with minimal downtime.

Tips for the care of our CONCISION-Line® products

We will give you valuable tips on how to care for and clean our products. You probably already know most of your everyday work – but sometimes you still have to read one thing or the other. We have put together a few tips here so that your instruments function perfectly for a long time and you can clean them perfectly.

General care:

These instruments are all intended for multiple use, are generally delivered non-sterile and are fully autoclavable at 134 ° Celsius.

Security aspects

These safety aspects should always be observed: The cutting edges should be intact and sharp, the shaft must be straight and the handle intact – the actual function of the instrument must be unrestricted – further use in the OR is based on these criteria. Any instrument damaged in any way should not be used and should be immediately repaired or replaced with a new instrument.


Immediately after use, the instruments must be placed in suitable solutions, e.g. alcohol, in order to avoid buildup. The instruments must then be rinsed thoroughly with water. Clean any soiling with a cleaning and disinfecting solution and a cleaning brush, or treat in a suitable dishwasher or ultrasonic bath


Steam sterilization at 134 ° Celsius. The operator of the system is responsible for compliance with the sterilization conditions. A validated, approved sterilization process should be used and carried out by professionally qualified personnel. Sterilization must always be carried out before using an instrument.

Care & maintenance

For the care of the instrument, we recommend BIQ-Special Oil Spray for instrument care before steam sterilization. Based on toxicologically harmless medical white oils, this guarantees optimal lubrication of all moving parts. You can order the product from us under the number 00-107-005.

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