Accessories and consumables

Our medical single-use products & consumables
offer you and your patients the best possible protective function.

Our sterile medical single-use products ensure safe application and handling. They include, among others. HF cautery, sterile skin staplers, skin staple removers, neutral electrodes, sterile single-use cannulas and other medical single-use products and consumables – for surgery, cardiology, intensive care, anesthesia, oncology and other areas of application.

Disposable HF cautery (cauter)

Hygienic, individually sterile packaged disposable HF cautery with two press studs for cutting and coagulation, including removable spatula electrode and international 3-pin connector. We offer single-use RF cautery with a cable length of either 3 or 5 meters. On request, you can also get a cautery with a rocker switch. We also offer adaptations for all common HF devices.

Disposable neutral electrodes

Self-adhesive, ready-to-use disposable neutral electrodes for monopolar use in HF surgery. Single or shared for children and adults or especially for children only. Disposable neutral electrodes – with adhesive and tab. On request, we can also supply you with the appropriate connection cable with a length of 5 meters.

Disposable VERESS cannula

Hygienic, sterile packed disposable VERESS cannulas with trapezoidal bevel (delta bevel) for atraumatic use. Our disposable VERESS cannula is a safe and clean alternative to reprocessable cannulas. We offer you two lengths – 120 mm and 150 mm.

Skin staplers

Sterile packaged, single-use skin staples with a magazine of 35 wide staples – for safe and cost-effective wound closure.

Skin staple remover

Individually, sterile packed, disposable skin staple remover – for the hygienic and safe removal of skin staples.

In addition to our extensive product range, we also offer you additional products such as accessories and consumables for HF surgery and CSSD accessories. Together with our network of medical specialist dealers, we see ourselves as your reliable companion in the operating theater who can offer you holistic solutions from a single source.

HF surgery

For safe cutting and coagulation.

Medimex GmbH is our partner for strong brands & has been offering exclusive products for the surgical area for over 40 years. To complement our product range, we have added accessories and consumables for HF surgery to our range. These include connection cables for HF surgery, electrode handles, safety test devices and much more. You can view and download the complete catalog of HF surgery from our partner medimex.

CSSD accessories

Reliable companion in the operating room.

Our partner Interlock is a reliable contact for us when it comes to CSSD accessories. Container accessories, strainer baskets, protective clothing, material cleaners, documentation labels, tools made of stainless steel and many other products for your everyday life in the OR. You can view and download the complete catalog of CSSD accessories from our partner Interlock.